Captain Silverspoons and His Missing Earrings: Page 2

The Captain and Trevor searched top to bottom of the Jolly Teapot for the missing earrings. He traced his steps from the night before. He searched in the ships kitchen, but no matter where they looked, they couldn't find the earrings! "Oh what will I do now?" The Captain wondered sitting down on a bench. Trevor flew to his shoulder, holding something in his beak! "What is this?" The Captain asked. Then he recognized it: it was torn clothing!

He knew there were only a few people that wore clothes made from this sort of material. It had to be the Tribilers, a tribe that lived on the east side of Catbell Bay. Normally they kept to themselves, but for some reason they had come aboard the Jolly Teapot and stolen his earrings!

"We must get them back, Trevor. We will sail to the east side of the island and get back my earrings" Captain Silverspoons shouted as he hobbled up to the bridge. "Squawk, Prepare to set sail" Trevor screeched as he flew up to the crows nest.

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