Captain Silverspoons and His Missing Earrings: Page 1

Captain Edward Silverspoons was a rather small and chubby pirate, with rosy red cheeks, a scruffy black beard, and big blue eyes. He always wore a black and blue pirate outfit, and a large red pirate hat. Of course like most pirates, Captain Silverspoons had a wooden peg for a leg. So every now and then he would wobble and hobble as he walked. Captain Silverspoons had two silver teaspoons which he wore as earrings, and that is how he got his name.

Captain Silverspoons along with his parrot Trevor, a dark blue and golden macaw, sailed a small wooden pirate ship called the Jolly Teapot. Like most other pirate ships, his had a flag. However rather than the skull and crossbones, his had two silver spoons crossed over and an image of his face rather than a skull. All in all, Captain Silverspoons didn't seem like a very fearsome pirate at all.

Early one morning Captain Silverspoons woke, yawning, stretching and then placing his feet to the ground to search for his slippers. For some reason something wasnÕt right. It wasn't until Trevor screeched "the spoons, the spoons" that the Captain noticed he no longer had his earrings!

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