Lizzy the Lion Cub: Page 1

Ever since she could remember, Lizzy the Lion Cub wanted a mane. Not just any old mane, but a nice thick dark one that would sit on her head like a crown.

"But you can't have a mane," said her mother. "You're a girl. Only boys have manes."

Lizzy thought this very unfair. And she moped around the den for a while wondering what she could do about it? Then she had an idea. She would go and see Osmund, the wise old Ostrich.

"All my brothers have nice long manes," she complained to Osmund. "And I'm as bald as an egg."

Osmund put on his spectacles, and peered for a long time at Lizzy's head. Then he gave her a bottle of hair tonic, and told her to rub it on three times a day.

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