BAB Books


The Echo and The Pixie
A wonderful story that teaches small children what they most need to know to avoid or escape abuse of any kind. Written by Micheal Hardgrove.
The Merry Mariner
An adventure/fantasy series about a family of explorers who sail the seas in a fantastic windmill-ship. Written and illustrated by M. Ray Rempen.
Story Time From Space
Listen to stories read aloud by astronauts on the International Space Station! Follow the adventures of Max the Dog as he explores the moon, space station, and more - and learn science concepts along the way!
Sir Pot Stories
Stories about Sir Pot of Saucepan Hill, ideal for children of all ages, read aloud by the author!
Oh No, Not My Socks!
A fun rhyming story with cute illustrations. Written and Illustrated by Jane Kavanagh Morton.
Don't Spank Hank
Baby Hank is a tiny tornado of trouble. He doesn’t talk but his dog does, defending the boy whenever his parents threaten a spanking.
June the Prune
All about June Comfy, a little girl who would rather take baths than do chores.
Reading A-Z
Reading A-Z provides downloadable books, worksheets and lesson plans to help children read.
The Slouch in the Couch
This story resembles a Dr. Seuss book.
Pengey Penguin
Short stories about the adventures of Pengey Penguin.
Free Bedtime Stories and Poems for Kids
Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By
Folk and Fairy Tales from around the world that help kids grow.
Shay's Imagination
A collection of short stories and poems about a beaver family who are having their share of problems. Lucky for them, they have a friend named Shay who uses her imagination to help them get out of trouble.
Free Greeting Cards
Send Free Online Greeting Cards to your friends & loved ones. ALL cards are absolutely FREE!!!
Shelby the Unique Sheep
Cincinnati's WLW's Gary Burbank uses his wide range of voices to give you this wonderful story about Shelby, who is a green sheep...and finds out it is ok to be green.
Alvie The Little Brown Burro
Blog posts about a small brown burro named Alvie. There is also a page with children's activities - coloring, connect the dots, and more!
Hear these stories with KidsVoyager Talking Browser! Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories
Enjoy children's classics such as Thumbelina, Briar Rose, and The Three Little Pigs!


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