Golf Ball Bandits: Page 1

The squirrels were having a meeting in the hollow of an oak tree. They swished their tails around a lot, which meant that they were worried, and their noses were twitching more than usual.

"We want to keep things the way they were," declared Siggy, who was the leader. He was bigger than the others and his tail was much bushier. "This was always a nice quiet neighbourhood."

"Until the golf course moved in," agreed his friend Suzy, who was quite tiny. Everyone agreed that something would have to be done. They had already tried to scare the golfers away with loud and angry scoldings, but it hadn't worked.

"We were here long before them, and this land belongs to us," stated Siggy. And he suggested that they switch tactics and try to drive them out another way.

"But how?" asked Suzy, biting into an apple. "You may not have noticed, but they're a lot bigger than we are, and there's a lot more of them."

"I'm not intending to march on the clubhouse, if that's what you're thinking," Siggy retorted while munching on a hazelnut. "No siree. If ever a situation called for guerrilla warfare, it's this one."

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